A performance marketing approach that offers a risk-free environment to drive e-commerce conversions by rewarding affiliates only after a mobile conversion has taken place such as an app download, a purchase, a registration or another defined action. We can help you propel more profitable sales and leads through our end-to-end affiliate performance marketing solution, so you only pay for results.

Simplicity The operators already have a billing relationship with the consumers; the payment will be added to their bill. There is no need for preā€registration, making mobile payments the ideal solution for impulse purchases.

Instantaneous Payments Giving the highest level of customer satisfaction. Most of the payments are completed in less than 1 minute, compare that to standard payment methods!

Accurate Responses Showing success or reasons for failure. No more fuzzy responses from the payment processor. Consumers will be instantaneously notified about the outcome of the ongoing transaction. In the case of an error, the consumer will be notified of the exact reason for failure. For example: Pin Expired after 30 seconds of inactivity, Insufficient funds on your Phone Bill, etc.

Reduced Customer Support Costs We have provided THAICHEAP consumers with a Self-Care tool, using this tool, they are able to track down every single purchase with all the specific details, Self-Care significantly reduces customer support load while making the whole purchase process more transparent at the same time.